And The Rain Fell!

Friday, September 25, 2009 6:46 AM

Sunday evening, the rain started to fall. It didn't stop until 21 inches had dropped upon us! To put that into perspective, the 500 year rain in California only produced 9 inches!

My daughter called me at 2 am and said the water was starting to come up in the back yard. I told her to start getting her most valuable things out of the house. I was going to be up at 5 am, so I told her to call me back with an update. She called me at 5:05 and said the water was already coming up through the floors and walls. They were only able to get a few things out, such as their cars and animals. Thank GOD they were already up, because some didn't even get that much!

By Monday afternoon, their house was completely submerged except for about 2 feet of the roof. This is a video clip of surrounding houses, including theirs:

Wednesday was extremely trying, as they were able to get back to the house. She tried to explain the damages and I took it serious. Thursday told a different tale, as I went over to help them start to clean up. I've seen a lot of things in my life, but it just doesn't hit home until you see it in person. No more ceilings! No more paint on the sheetrock that was left on the walls! Sheetrock and insulation covered everything. Everything destroyed!

Some things were quite amazing though. There were framed pictures still sitting in place, yet beds, refrigerators and such had been moved around. Although completely submerged, I found a cookbook (her passion) that had dry pages. It was wet on the outside, but the inside was dry.

We took as many pictures and personal items we could get to and placed them on the deck to dry out. Maybe we can salvage some of it? Most things can be replaced, but the pictures and history can not! We did manage to find a photo of one of her past cats; it was the only one she had! I think we can save it. If you love cats, you understand the importance! She loves her cats!

We did call FEMA, who is sending someone out next week. If they qualify, they will get some assistance and should be able to get back on their feet. They have received MANY, MANY prayers from friends and family! We are very thankful for the offers that have come our way. We love all of you! My family and friends have been very encouraging and supportive. My extended family at work has also been very thoughtful and willing to help. Even friends of friends and people I've never met have offered to help out. Again, I thank every one of you!!!

I've just learned that there is another round of heavy rains coming to the same hard hit areas. Expect as much as an additional 2 to 7 inches.

My heart goes out to the families that were not as fortunate as ours. Although hard hit, we are all safe. Those families lost lives and our prayers are with them!



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