Payment Concerns

Monday, March 16, 2009 9:19 AM

Fraud and Forgery are a huge part of online life! We understand and want our present and potential customers to know that you are safe shopping online with us. We only process payments through PayPal, Google, and RME. We never see your payment information, therefore there's no chance that it will get into the wrong hands. Most online mishaps are not from the merchant, but their computers being compromised via hacks or computer theft. We do offer alternative payment methods; snail mail checks or money orders (requires a lengthy waiting period), E-Checks, or just cold hard cash.

With FDIC insurance, offered by every bank in America, it is extremely easy to recover your money in the event something does go awry online. Again, we minimize that by using the online services, which have numerous security measures in place. PayPal, Google Checkout, and Revolution Money Exchange (Free) are all huge corporations that have the proper resources to keep your online money exchanges safe and secure.

So, come on over for a visit, shop around, find yourself a treat, and feel safe making a purchase from us. Oh yeah, our customer service is old fashioned "treat others, as you'd want to be treated"!



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