Propylene Glycol

Saturday, February 21, 2009 8:30 AM

What is it?

Propylene glycol is a derivative of natural gas. It is commonly used in a variety of consumer products and food products, including deodorants, pharmaceuticals, moisturizing lotions, and fat-free ice cream and sour cream products.

What does it do?

Propylene glycol, as used in our products, is a preservative. A preservative is necessary to provide a shelf life. Cost would skyrocket, if we were not able to preserve the product and you would have to use the product within 1 week of it being made.

What are the risks?

Propylene glycol is considered a safe and appropriate ingredient not just for cosmetic products, but also for ingested products like food and pharmaceuticals. It is on the US Food and Drug Administration's list of ingredients which are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and is recognized by the World Health Organization as safe for use. There have been claims made that propylene glycol is an inappropriate ingredient for cosmetics and foods because it can also be used in products (such as antifreeze) which one would not want to consume. Such observations are well-intended but ultimately not very informative. It is ethylene glycol, for example, which is a more common ingredient in antifreeze and which is, in fact, highly toxic. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) actually recommends the use of propylene glycol-based antifreeze because it is safer than ethylene glycol should pets accidentally ingest it. Simply because propylene glycol has many different applications does not make all the products which contain it the same. Another strain of criticism of propylene glycol focuses on what is allegedly disclosed by the ingredient's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS information can be found on the Internet, but rarely are viewers given any background or context on how to read one. An MSDS is a safety disclosure which instructs manufacturers and shippers on proper procedures for handling ingredients, for treating accidental exposure, and for cleaning up spills. Even the purest ingredients like mint oils have an MSDS. There is usually no single MSDS for an ingredient, but one for each different form or concentration offered by each ingredient supplier. For ingredients which could be shipped in a liquid or solid form, the MSDS for each form may differ significantly and each has little bearing on what properties the ingredient will have when combined with other ingredients into a formulation. For the record, the MSDS for the propylene glycol we use contains no indications of carcinogenicity or chronic exposure effects. The concentrated form of the ingredient can, however, cause temporary reddening, stinging or swelling when it comes in contact with the eyes or skin. This indication does not mean that a product formulated with the ingredient will have irritating properties. We feel confident that research and a long history of safe usage have shown propylene glycol to be a safe and appropriate ingredient.

Our Whipped Body Butter

8:13 AM

Our customers love our Whipped Body Butter. We put special ingredients in to satisfy your skin! We use Jojoba oil, which absorbs into your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. Jojoba also attracts moisture to the skin, so it last longer than other oils. We also pack it with Shea Butter, another beneficial oil for the skin. We have carefully researched the use of preservatives and have chosen one that we feel is safe. We use Liquid Germall Plus, which does contain Propylene Glycol. Through my research, I have found that the amount of Glycol is very minimal, nowhere near the recommended use amount. If you care to read more on the use of Glycol, see the post titled Propylene Glycol. You can review the feedback for our products on the website, under "Website Comments".



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