God Was My Dispatcher!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 7:09 AM

The Lord works is mysterious ways!

I posted a status update in Facebook stating: "Loving the way GOD works in mysterious ways". I never did come back and elaborate. This story is too long to post on Facebook, so I'll do it here and post the link there.

As everyone knows, Carrie and David lost everything they had in the flood. There's been a lot of tension dealing with the unknown! They have been staying with his parents and if the truth be known, no one was overly happy about that arrangement. But, they are making the best of a bad situation. They have contacted FEMA and they have sent out an adjuster. It's just a matter of time before they do what they will. I have no idea how or what that will be.

Now to the point! I am a firm believer in GOD! I am also a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason! We may not understand why at the time, but he has our master plan and the reason ALWAYS comes out. On Friday of last week one of our deputies was dispatched to a vacant house by our dispatchers, on a Burglary in progress. When he arrived, he confirmed there was someone inside and asked for another unit. To shorten the story, he arrested the intruder.

I, as a supervisor, have to respond to all felony calls. This is where GOD took over; he dispatched me to this house and introduced me to the owner of the home. I arrived and assessed the scene. This house had previously been entered and the intruders, along with this one had trashed the house. They had dumped out everything that had been in boxes. They had knocked holes in the walls, overturned entertainment centers, and this particular winner had stacked his loot out on the back deck. He had changed clothes and was wearing the victim's 25 year work pin, Masonic pin & belt, and shoes.

My brain started churning. I know, that doesn't happen that often. :) Seriously, I felt it was unprofessional to bring this up while I was on duty, so I just went back to my car to leave. GOD also told our investigator, who arrived to process the crime scene, to park at the end of the driveway. This blocked everyone in, as there was only one way in and one way out. Remember when I said there's a reason for everything; 12 years later and now we know why he only made one driveway! :) I just sat in my car waiting for the investigator to finish up. After about 5 minutes, GOD was stalling him, I exited my car and walked up the to the owner. EMS had been called due to him getting excited over the intrusion and arrest; he has high blood pressure. They had finished up and he was fine, just excited.

I asked him what the status of the home was. He said his parents owned this land and they had given him this acreage. He built the house 12 years ago. He lived there until his father passed away, then moved back in with his mother to take care of her. He let his son move into the house. His son stayed there until he bought a house and moved two years ago. He had every intention of fixing it up to sell, but the market fell and he's just been waiting on it to recover. He said he was scared of who might move in, so he didn't consider renting.

Heart pounding and still feeling a little guilty about handling this on duty, I told him "I think we can help each other". He asked what I had on my mind. I told him that he obviously needed someone to look after the place, as well as someone to clean up and repair it. He looked on with intense interest. I told him of my daughter and her situation. His eyes lit up like a 5 year old's on Christmas morning! He asked "When can they move in". I told him they were not able to pay right at the moment, as David had lost his tools and was just now starting to get a few to work with. He said he understood and would be more than happy to let them work for rent.

I swapped numbers and gave them to Carrie. She has called him and they are in the process of moving in. I think they will spend the first night there tonight.

I met an Angel that day and he is helping Carrie and David get back on their feet. I know that GOD has a special place for him. I also feel a little guilty for being so happy, knowing that many lives were lost in this flood. My heart goes out to all the family members left behind; I know there's no comfort in your loss!




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