We Will Miss You Captain Adams!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:46 PM

We have experienced a GREAT loss at he Sheriff's office! Captain Butch Adams was there for 33 years. I don't believe there was anything at the Sheriff's office that he didn't try, at one point or another in his career. He ended up over the training division, which seemed to be where he was most comfortable. He was good at it! He made sure we received the training needed to survive the daily drama on the streets. He was a very serious man in the office and on the firing range, but only a few got to see him at a personal level. I was one of the fortunate, as we shared training at G.A.L.E.F.I on many occasions. Once the training sessions were over, we could relax. Trust me, you didn't relax until the training day was over. He was always watchful to ensure we were in class and getting the lesson of the day. It was common for a few of us to kick off the shoes and play a little guitar and sing. In my case, I just listened and that's a good thing. Captain Adams had his own sense of humor, which could be outright hilarious at times. I will never forget those times!

Many of us fantasized about being a Cowboy. Captain Adams didn't fantasize, he was a true Cowboy. He lived the part, with many horses, cowboy guns, leather, and many other cowboy toys. He brought parts of this into law enforcement. He had a way of making it fit. I couldn't have meshed the two together, but he just made it work.

My wife doesn't know too many of my coworkers, but he was one of them. He always had a smile for her and treated her like one of the family. I always appreciated that! She had so much fun picking at him and was disappointed if he didn't pick back.

We are saying prayers for Josie and the rest of his family! We will miss him, but that will never compare to the loss they have suffered. I hope they know that they can depend on the "extended family" of the sheriff's office. I also hope they know the impact he had on our lives!

Goodbye Captain Adams, I'll see you when GOD calls me home!




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